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Why Own a Fighting Dog? - California Jack

"When a dog-man says “bulldog” he means a pit bull, a fighting dog, a hunting dog, or some kind of animal killer. In any attempt to understand the pit bull breed, one must come to terms with this simple fact: a pit bull is a KILL DOG. He was bred for one thing only: to defeat other animals in combat, most especially other dogs (or at least wild boar), and a pit bull has certain super capabilities to accomplish this. And he was also bred to be your BEST FRIEND. We will get into those capabilities later, but they ALL center around fighting/killing prowess, buffeted by a gentle disposition with people. 

The question is often asked: “Well, what kind of person would want a fighting dog?” This is a question I’ve been asked more times than I care to count. Let’s analyze this question, though, and see if we can come up with a legitimate answer. To answer this question, however, we must first answer the question, “What is a dog?” The answer to this question is, “A dog is a carnivorous predator designed to kill animals and eat them.” True, dogs are sometimes omnivorous, but they are largely animals that KILL AND EAT other creatures in the wild to survive. It doesn’t matter how “cute” your little toy poodle is, the fact remains he is designed to kill and eat meat. Or at least at one time he was. ALL dogs are PREDATORS. 

Once we come to terms with this fact, we come closer to understanding why someone would want to breed and perpetuate not just “a pure fighting dog,” but any truly valuable performance breed in general. 

Because, make no mistake, ALL performance breeds of dog have been created by humans, and humans have simply intensified various hunting and killing traits wild dogs have, by BREEDING FOR these traits above all others. Therefore, anything other than a performance dog, actually, is just a perversion of the natural wild dog into some sort of useless “stuffed animal,” and there are many such abominations labeled as “toy breeds,” etc. 

However, true dog-men don’t care about useless dogs, they want useful dogs, and so they have honed certain useful characteristics in wild dogs, way beyond what is natural, and way beyond what any wild dog has, and man has thus INVENTED specialized performance breeds via SELECTION. But again – and pay close attention to this – ALL specialized dogs that exist (from greyhounds, to coonhounds, to retrievers, etc.) have had their certain specialized characteristics intensified around KILLING PREY. 

In order to kill other animals in nature, wild dogs have to possess many traits. They need a sense of SMELL to find they prey; they need the ability to RUN and trail to wear down the prey; they must have the propensity to GIVE VOICE to alert and keep in union the other pack members; and yes, wild dogs need the ability to FIGHT AND KILL their prey once it is captured. 

Well, then, if a wild dog is simply a killer of meat, why did man domesticate it and try to make a “companion” out of it? Ah, here comes our answer. But let’s not rush. Wild dogs were first developed by man as domesticated animals in order to perform certain tasks. Again, those tasks were in relation to the many attributes and traits that wild dogs needed to have to hunt and kill effectively, so that they could help man kill effectively. It is really that simple. 

You see, most people today only keep dogs as “pets,” but that is not why man originally domesticated dogs. Yes, even though dogs can be intelligent and tractable “pets,” they were actually domesticated by man to help him survive, not to be cute & cuddly. Why? Because, simply there are many hunting tasks that dogs can do better than any man, and so man has utilized dogs to help him hunt and kill since antiquity, to help man survive, because dogs can also be sweet and gentle, they became companions and partners with man, to help him survive.

This man began to breed and train wild dogs to help him with said tasks, and he began to realize certain dogs performed certain tasks better than others. Again, those tasks were in relation to the many attributes and traits that wild dogs needed to kill (scenting, running, fighting, retrieving, etc.). 

Gradually, man began to specifically breed for some of these certain individual traits, thereby intensifying them beyond the means of any wild dog. By breeding only those dogs with the most acute sense of smell, Bloodhounds were eventually created as specialists in scenting to aid man in any number of ways. By breeding only the fastest of dogs, Greyhounds were eventually developed as specialists in running, originally to run down the swiftest of prey in the field, but now mostly to satisfy man’s competitive desire in the sport of racing. By breeding only those dogs that had the propensity to freeze and lift their front paws at the first sign of wild game, Pointers were eventually developed as specialists to signal to man where small game was. By breeding only those dogs that had the propensity to bring back killed game, RETRIEVERS were developed by man to bring back small game shot by man. On and on it goes. 

Well, by breeding only those dogs with the most intensity and ability for fighting and killing tracked-down prey, the kill dog was eventually developed as a specialist for conquering all creatures great and small. Yes, they were called “kill dogs” back then: bulldogs would finish the big game trailed by the trailing dogs. Eventually, man (being the way he is) would stage contests between such kill dogs to show whose kill dog was better than whose, and so eventually the “kill dogs” became pit dogs, who were bred and used primarily as sporting dogs to conquer other dogs in the pit. Yet, nonetheless, pit bulls are still used as kill dogs/hog dogs even today. 

But the point of all this is man originally domesticated wild dogs because of their hunting abilities and their bonding abilities... to be “Man's Best Friend” to guard him and help him survive. Each ability (scenting, running, fighting, retrieving, guarding, etc.) was then intensified by man, through selective breeding, to the exclusion of all other abilities, which is how the different breeds of dog originally evolved: based on what they could do! 

Nowadays, however, breed types are seldom maintained by performance standards, but instead based on a “look,” which is reflective of our new non-physical, pale, plastic society. Thus “conformation shows” are pretty much the only means by which the so-called “standards” of most breeds are maintained today. Their “look” being more important than their SUBSTANCE in our modern, limp-wristed society. It is easy to see why most people today simply have dogs as “pets”.... useless feed burners who can do nothing but eat, drool, and wag their tails. Most people today, who have no true understanding of dogs, can’t even imagine wanting a “fighting dog.” But, you see, when you really understand dogs, the real question isn’t “Why have a fighting dog?”.... or a performance dog of any kind - the real question is “Why have any dog that isn't developed to do something?” If analyzed by a knowing mind, it is actually the toy dogs, show dogs, mutts, lapdogs, etc. (that have lost their utility as beneficiaries to man and have become impotent, useless “stuffed animals”) who need to justify their existence. Think of it, what good are they? 

In reality it is the performance dogs (of all types) that are of a lasting, real value to man. This is not to say that toys and show dogs can’t be loving companions, they can. But unless there has been an equally earnest effort to keep the performance aspect of a dog intact, it is essentially a useless ornament that pales in value next to an equally-loyal, equally-loving performance dog... that can do a whole lot more than wag his tail, eat, sleep, and shit. Performance dogs will give you just as much love as any “pet” - but they offer a whole lot more than hugs and kisses should the need arise. Therefore, the kind of person who would want a “fighting dog” is the kind of person who understands canine history, loves dogs, and prefers to try to keep and perpetuate the fighting (or at least hunting) aspects of the toughest, most skilled fighting dog ever developed. The Pit Bull. 

But what is a fighting dog “good for” besides fighting? Well, many things. For starters, they are utilized as “catch dogs” on farms, where they grab and pin out-of-control cattle and pigs. They are likewise used by wild boar hunters to grab and control wild pigs until the hunter can get to the scene and either finish the pig or hog-tie it and take it home. Pit dogs have out-pulled huskies as sled dogs, they have out-swum Newfoundlands in swimming contests, and they have even out-trailed coonhounds in field trials. If bred and raised correctly, a pit bull is the ultimate all-around dog, because its standards for selection are the most stringent of ANY breed of dog, if selected by a knowledgeable breeder. 

The legal “spillover” benefits of selectively breeding pit dogs for fighting/hunting ability are they simply come out better all-around athletes/companions than any other dog. There are many superior traits that a good pit dog has to have, by being bred for the pit or hunting, that have transfer utility to man. Aside from strength, stamina, agility, indestructibility, and intelligence way."

- California Jack

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