Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Article by Ed Faron

"In 1998, I visited James Crenshaw for a few days. One of the statements that he made to me during our many hours of talking dogs was "Ed, in the future, it's gonna be the blind leading the blind when it comes to the pit bulls." He went on to explain that the internet will enable people who are not qualified to give advice to feed their egos by acting like experts in various areas of Pit Bull care, conditioning, breeding, and everything involving Pit Bulls. He encouraged me to do all that I could to help the newcomers and said that he really thought that the "The Complete Game Dog" was a really big step in the right direction. I have opted off all the groups that have been set-up by well-meaning dog-men because I did not want to appear like some kind of geriatric asshole when I saw people making absolute ludicrous statements in areas of Pit Bull ownership where there are not absolutes. Well, this morning it was brought up to me about someone playing the role of an expert spewing some of the dumbest statements I have heard yet regarding genetics effecting sizes of litters combined with which heat cycle of the bitch also effecting the number of pups born. The frosting on the cake was when he stated that he knows he getting maximum coverage because he always breeds the 13th day of the heat cycle. Wow, where did he get this shit from? From 1989 to 1998, my ex-wife, Chris bought every book written related in anyway to canine reproduction, genetics, etc. Every year, she would purchase the newest one that came out and would point out how many of the facts stated in the earlier written books had no become myths or obsolete due to the results of research done since they were written. Many times, I would unintentionally offend people after I gave them advice, they would disagree and tell me that I was wrong because "Mr. so and so told them otherwise" and said "they've been doing this way for 20 years". I would come with anyone who has been doing things the same way for the last 20 years (except in the case of artisans, craftsmen, or a few other areas like hunting or tracking) are either morons or have egos too big to admit they are wrong and improve their methods pertaining to whatever they are involved in. Until 1988, when Chris and I split up, she would run vaginal smears on our bitches in-heat every other day. From the first day, we found any color when checking the ones that were due to come in-heat soon. We did not wait to see blood dripping because unless she is a house dog that doesn't clean herself, you can easily miss up to the first 3 days or even more. By checking for the cornification of the blood cells, she could be pretty well tracked when the bitches would be in that 2-3 day window of when the eggs are ready to be fertilized by the sperm. Just like all the reproduction books stated, the bitches varied from not only cycling different than each other, but at least a dozen or so varied from heat cycle to their own. Miss Prance was never ready to breed until her 15th to 16th day, about the same with Mean Jolene on her two heat cycles we bred her on. Working over-time varied on her heat-cycle, especially after she was 5 years old, we missed 2 heats in a row that we tried to get pupps off of. When we got pups off of her and Wildside and Radice's "Bandit", we bred her every 72 hours starting at her 12th day (she was flagging great and all other signs looked right) and bred her up to and including 22 days after she started bleeding. She had her pups 63 days from that breeding on the 22nd day. Guess no one told her she was supposedly to be bred on the 13th day and did not need to be bred after that because her eggs were ready! Haha. Sperm stays alive in the female from 5 to 7 days when coming from a good, healthy stud dog in his prime. We kept detailed records on all our litters and the data was consistent with pretty much everything in the best reproduction books. No difference in size of litters from bitches bred to their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd heats. No difference in size of litters from two closely related dogs (inbred litters), not to be confused with small litters from bitches tightly inbred to the extreme themselves displaying inbreeding depression by having low fertility! We always kept an open mind and listened to everyone. We would then sit back and sort out the BS from the morons! Listen to the people who are qualified to give out advice. Example of people we learned from: Tom Garner - Care, health, parasite control, breeding, and mechanics of breeding and a lot more! Mountain Man - What to look for when rolling or testing dogs. Dr. Kimsey Woods - Genetics. Mc. Nasty - Proper schooling and conditioning. V&B - Matched, conditioned, and handled Ch. Chinaman. Conditioning and nutrition as well. And every day, with an open mind, we listen to everyone we personally knew including two young brothers from the hood in Pittsburgh named Keith and Jay. Beware of the guy who constantly brags about himself and his lifelong history and accomplishments in the dog-game. Rarely, there are self-absorbed individuals who are nothing more than an insecure cyber dog-man who is taking advantage of newcomers on the internet to stroke his own ego. If he was what he claims to be, it would not be necessary to tell the world. The world would already know about him! God Bless you all, and take care of your bulldogs!"
- Ed Faron

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