Saturday, May 9, 2015


Question: What happened after Ch. Jeep's last hog catching competition? And what did you hear about Jame's Garrett's yard? 

Answer: "I never saw Jeep compete, but I heard the tapes that the judge had recorded doing Jeep's last show. Bert Clouse sent the tapes to Ralph Greenwood and Ralph let me near the tapes. He told me that Jeep was a good dog, and a real game dog. Anthony Troutman is a nephew of the late Petronelli brothers. He was in the competition. Due to a long hard hog hunt, Jeep ended up passing away in the car on the way home. They pulled over and laid him to rest. 

When they got home, they took a good look at Jeep's brother. Not Charlie, but another one. He was a taller dog, but looked just like Jeep. They decided to use him for breeding, and they called him Jeep. Everyone wanted a Jeep pup and now they got it. So, that's the story. 

I went to visit with those guys and they showed me "Jeep" in a kennel. I have a picture of that. A real old dog. He was a taller dog, more terrier look. Not like Jeep, who had a more square look. I also saw marked kennels that said Jeep 1, Jeep 2, Jeep 3, and all the way up to Jeep 10 or 12, and they all looked the exact same to me. I believe when a bitch got there to be bred, they just picked one and bred them. Those dogs were bred well. They all were out of Jeep's brother. Very right bred dogs and they all looked the same to me. I saw that, so that's what I believe happened and that's what they told me too. Anthony is still around, you could ask him, if you want. He's not in APBTs anymore. He's into the Bully's now."

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