Friday, February 20, 2015

A Letter from Tudor to Don Mayfield

"Hi Don,

Well, the show is over and I must say that kid Don Maloney put on a good one. I really enjoyed it and I am sure everyone else did. Maloney showed a mighty good 47 pound dog. But I want to say right here that the match between Burton and Fox was extra. Fox showed the best pit dog I've seen in 40 years and Burton was a good second, never a turn made and couldn't even get a two minute out hold count. Around 2 hours and 20 minutes, Burton picked up a limp dog and carried him out to where all the good ones go. Them boys had their dogs in perfect shape and really looked good when turned loose. At my age, I didn't expect to see another one like this one. Well, here's hoping Maloney can on another one like this one. Don, I sure enjoyed the last magazine, as I have all the rest, so keep that chin up and keep punching." - Tudor.

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