Friday, November 15, 2013

Steven's Gr. Ch. Virgil

GR CH Virgil: Virgil and I went in a convention. Somebody named Chickaman put the show on. Now, Chickaman was the only son. He was a minor. His dad spoiled him. He gets in the dogs and he thinks he’s better than everybody. It’s just his attitude. It’s the way his dad brought him up. So, I’m talking to him on the phone to come to this convention with Virgil. I’m gonna match into one of the dogs that was the littermate to that GR CH Mikey and GR CH Trouble. They're littermates. There was another one, and his name was CH Elmo. Well, he just killed somebody's dog in thirty minutes. So, they called me on. So, I’m in this fight. They told me don't bring your scales, we ain't gonna let you use them. We're going to use a balance scale because they bought the one off of Walter Komosinski. He had one of them old fashioned ones, balance ones where you put the weight hooks on. I had four scales and I had one scale that cost a lot of money. About a $200 scale, real good scale. All brass and everything. So, I knew my dog was on the weight because I had more than one scale to make sure. I didn't want to make no mistakes. And I had a test weight. The Chickaman, he said not to bring your scales, so I didn’t. I got there, he fights first. He’s such an asshole, that he goes and he fights a female. Females are never fought first. Never. That’s how much of an idiot he was. Then I go to fight, you know, the second fight. I’m gonna go weigh my dog to show he’s on the weight. He took the scale and he didn't bring it. What’s this shit!? You tell me not to bring it, now you don't have it. What a young Jack off! Where he’s coming from… He’s just a young asshole! I weigh Virgil, he’s trying to tell me I’m 2 ½ lbs light. I say, “I was never 2 ½ lbs light in my life of matching dogs. Now, I guess the guy I'm into, he’s right on the weight too?” It’s a black guy, got some killing dog. Big black son of a bitch. He weighs him on the scale and he's 2 ½ lbs light. I say, “No, your 2 ½ lbs over is what it is. Where’s your test weight and your garbage scale?” He says, “Oh, I got a dumbbell.” I say, “Stick that dumbbell up your ass. You guys are trying to cheat me. Go get your dog, you got 2 ½ lbs on me, but go get your dog.” He gets his dog and his dog barnstorms and hits two arteries in Virgil. I’m thinking, boy this son of a bitch can bite. He’s got one bubble in his muzzle and one in his shoulder. Hit arteries on him. He gets Virgil down for about 8 minutes. I just stand over Virgil and just start talking to him. I tell him, “Get up out of there. Get up out Virgil! Up, up, up!” Virgil bit him in the chest from the bottom, and struggled to get to his feet. When Virgil righted himself and got on his feet, he still had that dogs chest in his mouth. He pressed that dog over his head. The dogs front legs fell over Virgil's back, the dogs rear legs were suspended in mid-air. He didn't have one foot on the floor. So, Virgil pressed him over his head, he dropped over Virgil's back, the back legs suspended in mid-air. Virgil then slammed him to the floor. Before he could get up, Virgil ran on him real quick and he bit him around the chest or belly or whatever, and he starts running across the floor with him. Like a sweeper. You know, just driving with both back legs and he had big massive stifles. He’s running with this dog in his mouth, and this dog couldn't get loose. He slid him all the way across the floor until he hit the pit boards. As soon as he hit the pit boards, he let go of where he was at and he went right into the kidneys. He bit through the kidney and then he lifted his lips. He curled his lips back where you could see his gums. You could see big long fangs that Virgil had. You could see all that gum and big long fangs. He pulled them out of the kidney, and then he drove them back in. You could see the fangs go right in the dogs kidney, all the way up to the gum line and he did that three times. That dog stretched out stiff and that was the end of him. It was 30 minutes. 

That was a brother to two Grand Champions. He bit the dust like all the other ones did too. See, the thing to me; Crenshaw can say what he wants, STP can say what he wants, so could the rest of them. But everybody came against me, got killed. Did they kill everybody? 

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