Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Don't You Listen?

Why Don't You Listen

In this article aimed at the beginners, I'd like all to know that I started out with these dogs way back in 1972 and been there and done what most of you beginners are doing or either are about to do with your dogs. I have learned from some of the best in the game. What I'd like to pass on to you beginners are answers to questions that you guys have been searching for. More dogs that I can count have been ruined by beginners that thought they knew what they were doing, but never even had an idea as to what they were really doing, ruining dogs, friendships, and most of all, ruining the game. We never stop learning in this game, as in life, so my question here is "Why Don't You Listen?" This is one reason why most old timers won't have anything to do with you guys. After reading this, I'm sure you beginners will start taking heed to what the old timers are taking the time to tell you. Because if you don't, you'll end up being a beginner with 5 or 10 years at the front gate of this game. Never entering in any enjoying for years. It's not that we don't want you all in the game, or don't like most beginners. What it is, is that we know what your outcomes will be nine out of ten. We tell you to "go this way" or "do this for better results", but nine out of ten, you reply with "that old fool don't know anything" those nine beginners results will be ruined dogs. Let's not forget about the one beginner who does everything that the old timers advise, this guy will even see an old timer do something, and you can bet that he too is doing the same thing with his own dogs. His results will be winning dogs. He's the guy who jumped in the game with both feet. He's the guy who loves being around the old timers, listening to their stories, learning something on every visit or outing. You other nine beginners need to be like this one beginner who will grow up to be a seasoned dog man. The bottom line is that if you're going to be in this game, then grow up and learn all that you can from the old timers. They're the ones that know these dogs and this game, like you beginners would like to know them.

The old timers don't want you to waste dogs and years going through trial and error. You'd save a lot of time and some game dogs listening to some of the old timers, so come on and grow into the dogman you know you should be. That cocky pride won't get you anything but a high priced loss to another beginner who's an apprentice of an old timer himself. None of the qualities of the old timers life can be learned out of a book.

Something more like apprenticeship is required, being around someone who out of years of devoted discipline shows us by his entire behavior, moments of verbal instructions will certainly occur, but mostly an apprentice acquires his skills by daily association with the old timer. Picking up absolutely essential things such as starting a dog's breeding program. If a dog is worth breeding, the keep, when a dog is ready for a match, and handling, etc. One such legendary pair was Joe Corvino, the master, with Sonny Sykes, the apprentice. Sonny learned what it took to become a seasoned dogman, respected among his pears.

- Dogman of Old School Combine

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