Friday, September 13, 2013

Finkle Winkle's Keep

During the years involved in this great breed, I worked many times a day to his true weight and best shape possible, and I made many mistakes as well, but I guess, with the mistakes in mind, the keeping which I'll share with you, is a proven one, in the best sense of the world, since the simple keep delivered me, many a winner, who's not seldom, winning over the other entry due to their better shape.

First, you must worm your dog, 2 weeks before the pre-keep start. Clip his toenails and give him a warm bath and wash him good with Jodium-Scrub. Go to the vet and get the dog a check up, check the liver, kidneys, blood and stool, check it out good. If the dog is healthy, the green light is on, it's time to condition your dog now.

Change his daily feed to dry dog food, specially made for the needs of canine sporting animals. I, myself use Eukanuba Premium, it works good for my dogs. Give the dog, except shortly after his daily workout, all the fresh water he'll drink, day and night.

Week 1

* 1 hour hand walking, on a long leash, on a good harness. Walk on different types of soil, grass, dirt roads, hills, etc
* 20 minute rub down
* Feed and watering after rub down
* Rest the dog
* Give him one day of no work at all, don't rub him down as well. On such rest day, you'll add less food to his feed pan

Week 2

* 1.5 hours of hand walking
* 20 minutes rub down
* Feed and watering after rub down
* Rest the dog
* Give him one day of no work at all, don't rub him down as well. On such rest day, you'll add less food to his feed pan

Now the dog is used on some work, watch him closely during the whole progress. If he's looking sore, tired, etc., don't hesitate to rest him an extra day.

We're going to start now with 2 weeks of building up the dog to make him ready to stand the pressure and stress, while worked the fifth and heaviest week of training.

Week 3


1 hour of hand walking
5 minutes of treadmill
15 minutes of hand walking


2 hours of hand walking


10 minutes of mill work


2 hours of hand walking


15 minutes mill work


Rest day


We'll start again

Add in the 3rd week, 25 grams if boiled rive and 25 grams of boiled meat to his daily dry feed and add 2 multi-vitamin tabs.

Week 4

Same as last week, only you add more time/work like this: treadmill - 20 to 25 to 30 minutes, 2.5 hours of hand walking. Week 4, add 50 grams of rice and meat to his feed pan and the two tabs.

Week 5

The 5th week is the heaviest week, 3 hours of hand walking, except at his mill work days, treadmill for 35 to 40 to 45 minutes.

Saturday - Rest until Sunday. Feed stays the same, if he's loosing too much weight, add some extra dry feed.

Week 6

The sixth and last week, 10 minutes of mill work, 1.5 hours of hand walking, 5 minutes mill, 1 hour hand walking, 30 minutes hand walking. Then, rest prior to the match. At match day, walk him/her out every 3 hours, just to urinate and to relieve him/herself good.

At the 14th day of training, the dog must be a half a kilogram above his true show weight. Keep him like that during the entire keep. The first two rest days, at the end of the 6th weeks, don't give him rice or meat.

Last meal should be 24 hours before the event. Take his water away 12 hours before and give him a half a liter of boiled chicken bouillon as his last drink 12 hours before. His last mill should consist of 50 grams rice, 50 grams meat and dry feed, no tabs.

I avoid all bite work, jumping, hanging, etc. Also, steroids I skipped out on. A keep like this simple one, I will use 1 cc of dexamethasone/azium 48 hours before and 1 cc 24 hours before and 1 cc 2 hours before.

This keep blessed me with 1 hour and 2 hour winners.

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