Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Don't Breed That Damn Dog!

Don't breed that damn dog! Look, there is an epidemic among the dog game today as I look about and it is the shear overpopulation and constant breeding "speculations." Could you imagine how our air quality would be if every guy that could tinker with a car were allowed to build his own to any standard? Nor much to imagine, so society has standard of for a vehicle that is to to inspected and run on state roads. Don't you think it is time that we as game dog owners take some responsibility for the problems at hand? So again, let me say, don't breed that damn dog. Here is the main problem; a man gets himself a pup from breeder A and another from breeder B. The pups get into adolescence and the owner breeds them together speculating that this breeding will nick. And when they do, you will go mad trying to repeat the performance from the first litter that brought on the desire for continued success down this alley. We as dog owners need and must stop making speculative breedings except for personal use. It is ridiculous when you see two dogs bred together with a total win record between them and their grandparents of 0-0. How many times have two yearlings that were bought as pups were bred together by "accident" and then the owner sells them as fine representatives of the bloodlines shown in the breeding of the parents, that are mere pups themselves. What can we do as game dog owners? How about if you want to sell some puppies to do the game a favor, and you take your bitch to a proven producer and quit playing craps with the rest of our dogs. Take that bitch to people like DSK or Boyles or Tant or JC Shaw or Garner or STP or TVK or Captain America. Or go to Jim Bob's Bulldog Barn in Yahoo, Idaho who recently purchased the Super Champion "enter name here" and proven producer and offers him at stud fee to your liking. Make an effort to breed your bitches for pups to sell to top flight dog men. All ideas are welcomed and encouraged to lower population of our dogs and get them out of the general public. Please participate in this effort as our dog's future is in our hands.

- Fat Bill

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