Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conditioned vs. Skinny vs. Emaciated vs. Overweight vs. Obese

There has been so much talk lately on this type of thing which made me want to write a post on this specific subject to hopefully clear some things up. Many have a different perspective on how a dog should look. However, just because someone thinks that a dog's healthy weight is overweight or obese and thinks that the dog is in good shape is obviously very wrong because in my opinion the only real healthy weight for a dog is its conditioned weight. Then again, I have to say that a healthy and lean dog is also just fine. There's some pet owners out there who keep their dogs healthy and keep their dogs at a nice weight and their dogs are lean and in good shape, it may not be a conditioned weight, but their dogs definitely look better than most dogs and the dog's are at least healthy, at a good weight and aren't emaciated/skinny, overweight or obese.

Here are some fine examples of some conditioned dogs:

The above dogs are very well conditioned. The above dogs are healthy and are in good shape. In no way, shape or form are the above dogs skinny or emaciated in anyway. Compare the above dogs to an athlete. Athletes are lean yet muscular, they eat a good diet, they supplement, they exercise, they keep themselves healthy and well fit. American Pit Bull Terriers are athletes. American Pit Bull Terriers can be conditioned by eating a good diet (I recommend a raw food diet), taking supplements and being exercised properly. If you think the above dogs are skinny or emaciated, you're very wrong as the above dogs look amazing and are clearly in great shape. If you think the above dogs are skinny or emaciated, educate yourself! Take the time to read books written on and about the American Pit Bull Terrier and learn something other than sitting around commenting and talking bull crap to others. Take advice from other reputable bulldog owners and enthusiasts as many of them know what they're talking about. There's a saying that goes along the lines of "Keep your ears open and your mouth shut." This goes for people who have no idea what they are talking about. If you believe that the above dogs are "too skinny, emaciated, abused, etc", you obviously know nothing about bulldogs, nutrition or conditioning because if you did, you'd know about this kind of thing by now.

Shall we look at some examples of some conditioned athletes for comparison?

Think of it this way: Conditioned is an athlete. Emaciated is anorexic.

Here are some examples of skinny and emaciated dogs:

The above dogs are clearly too skinny (also known as emaciated). The above dogs are in no way, shape or form healthy and are clearly underweight and in distress. Skinny/emaciated is not to be confused with conditioned. Matter of fact, I don't know why conditioned would even be mistaken for skinny/emaciated. There's a clear difference between conditioned dogs and skinny/emaciated dogs. Do not deny the difference and if you cannot see the difference, please do us all a big favor and educate yourself. If you still don't see the difference or don't want to learn, you have no business being and enthusiast of this breed nor owning these dogs nor "educating" others about this breed of dog. It's not just this breed, it's all breeds.

In my honest opinion, skinny and emaciated are basically the same thing. I don't believe there's much of a difference, if any, of skinny vs. emaciated.

Let's take a look at "emaciated", anorexic and extremely skinny people for comparison:

Examples of overweight dogs:

The above dogs are clearly overweight. Overweight dogs are commonly seen because one, people don't want to take the time to exercise and put their dogs on a good diet, two, people think that the above examples are a healthy weight (probably also because of what their stupid vet told them), three, people aren't well educated on this subject, four, people obviously don't care. A dog who is overweight is not healthy and so is a person who is overweight is not healthy. If your dog looks anything like the above dogs, please get your dog onto a good exercise routine and get him started on a good diet. If you want to condition your dog, read and educate yourself on how to. If your dog is overweight, there's no excuse. If you own a dog, keep him well fit and cared for properly.

Here are some tips for all of you pet dog owners out there:

For exercise, take your dog for one to two long walks a day. Swimming, fetching, spring pole and flirt pole are other exercises that you can combine and make part of your dog's daily exercise routine which will include the daily walks.

As for diet, feed a high protein, grain free dog food. Merrick Grain Free is great, but other dog foods that you can look into are Orijen, Acana and Back to Basics. You can also go to your grocery store and pick up some chicken breasts, but if your dog is allergic to chicken, look into turkey breasts, ground beef or plain canned sardines. You can cut up half of the chicken (raw or cooked) and put it into your dog's kibble for extra protein. If you're dog is allergic to chicken, feed either a half of a turkey breast, 1 cup ground beef or 1 can plain sardines.

Let's now take a look at some overweight people for comparison:

Examples of obese dogs:

Obesity is a serious issue across the nation. The obese dogs above are clearly in distress. Take a look at wild dogs, wild dogs keep themselves in the shape they need to and eat a great diet without any help from a human being. Dogs aren't suppose to be overweight or obese, it's not natural. Think of people who are obese and think of all the health issues obesity leads to. Think about it a bit more, how do you think your dog feels?

Finally, lets take a look at some obese people for comparison:

I hope that this will clear up the differences between conditioned, skinny, emaciated, overweight and obese. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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  1. Thanks for posting I was thinking dogs nxt door were too skinny not being fed. But hmm that's how they r suppose to look. They aren't starving. Had no clue I saw ribs.n freaked. Lol
    Great way to understand w photos.