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Dogs of Today

I look at many breeds of dogs in this day and age and think why and how. For examples, let's take a look at the English Bulldog. The way the breed walks, breaths and the all around structure of the dog. I ask, what happened to the REAL English Bulldog? Why is today's or why can't today's English Bulldog do what it was originally bred to do?

The original Bulldog was a tall, non-wrinkly, well structured breed of dog. It was bred to bait bulls and did a great job doing so. The original English Bulldog was a very strong and hard working dog.

Ask the question, what ever happened to that breed of dog? Genetics happened. Messing with genetics when you don't know what you're doing can result in catastrophe resulting in something that cannot be undone.

Today's English Bulldog is a short and very wrinkly like dog. The breed has a variety of health issues. Today's English Bulldog is overly bred by puppy mills, BYBs (Back Yard Breeders) and irresponsible "breeders" who breed for profit and looks. What ever happened to breeding for work? 

Today's English Bulldog couldn't take down a bull even if it wanted to. Sad, that a breed that was bred for a specific purpose can't even do what it was originally bred to do for nowadays.

English Bulldogs of today have a variety of health problems such as breathing problems, heart murmurs, skin problems, bloat, obesity, poor eyesight, hip and knee problems, heat stroke and more.

The original English Bulldog had no known health problems or was a breed that didn't have many health problems.

What if someone could make the English Bulldog into what it used to be? How amazing would that be? The breed would most likely become less popular, but the breed itself would be better in all aspects.

The picture on the left if of the English Bulldog of the past. The photo on the right is of the English Bulldog of today.

German Shepherd Dog (GSD)

The German Shepherd Dog of today has multiple health problems. Today's German Shepherd Dog has a roached back or a sloped back. Many German Shepherd Dogs are cow hocked and have severe rickets. Many German Shepherd Dogs have trouble walking like a normal dog due to the way they are now being bred.

Legs and feet of today's German Shepherd Dog: 

Other examples of today's German Shepherd Dog:

Original German Shepherd Dog:

Here is a picture of an OK looking German Shepherd Dog of today: 

Can you see the differences between the original German Shepherd Dog and the German Shepherd Dog of today? Notice the sloped and roached back, the tail, the stance, the legs and the feet, and the overall structure of the dog. 

Today's German Shepherd Dog can't do as good of a job as the original German Shepherd Dog was able to do meaning that the German Shepherd Dog of today cannot perform like the German Shepherd Dog of the past. You may not think that today's German Shepherd Dog is any different, but it is in many ways and the German Shepherd Dog of today is in great pain and deep shit from the way it is being bred. 

American Bully

The American Bully is a great breed of dog. The origin of the American Bully is quite controversial. Some believe the American Bully was originated by crossing the American Pit Bull Terrier with the American Staffordshire Terrier, but I and many others believe a bit differently. It is a proven fact that the American Bully is not an American Pit Bull Terrier/"pit bull".

The American Bully is a very popular breed of dog, I want to say probably one of the most popular breeds of dogs. The American Bully is one of those breeds that have been taken over by fame and fortune. Most of American Bully breeders are all about the fame, fortune and looks - that's all. It's not about the dogs these days, it's about producing the shortest, ugliest mutt possible.

There's many different bloodlines of the American Bully. Some of them are Gotti, Gotty, Razors Edge, Gaff, Remyline, Monster G, Kingpin, Watchdog, Royal, Mikeland, Camelot, Greyline, Ganghis Kon, Dax and Iron Man. 

Like many breeds of dogs today, most American Bullies do have dozens of health issues. 

Let's say you take a dog (APBT) on a 5 mile run, they are more than likely to be heavily breathing and panting which is normal for most active breeds to do. American Bullies (most of them) can't run 5 miles. I've seen American Bullies who can't walk from one section to another in a pet store without heavily breathing and panting like they've been on a 5 mile run when they're really only walking so many feet over to another section. These dogs are drooling everywhere and honestly look like they're about to pass out from only having to walk just some feet.

Steroids are commonly used in the American Bully world from what I've seen and heard. I personally believe both Dax and Miagi, for example are dogs who are on steroids. There's no way a dog that can barely walk from one section in the pet store to the other is an active breed of dog and is "muscled" up and runs 5 miles a day and exercises like real dogs should and do.

Most American Bully breeders breed for profit and for looks such as head size, chest, body type, height and weight. Most American Bully breeders cross other breeds into the American Bully such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Mastiffs, bully breeds and terriers. Most American Bully breeders are and have ruined the real American Bully. 

Many American Bully breeders are mass producing dogs like Dax and Miagi and dogs with deformities and other health problems because they think these dogs look great and they know that there's people out there who will pay a huge amount of money for a dog like that. I also believe they breed them because of competition with other bully breeders, the "I have a better bully than you do" type thing - I've seen this happen before. 

The stud fees on these dogs are outrageous. The highest stud fee that I've ever seen on the American Bully was $35,000 dollars. I also tend to see a few $25,000 dollar stud fees from time to time, believe it or not. There are definitely American Bullies that cost thousands upon thousand of dollars. How about that $63,000 dollar American Bully? Don't believe me, look him up on YouTube.

"Exotic" is a "type" of American Bully, but it isn't what an American Bully should look like. Basically, the "exotic" type isn't a real type meaning the American Bully was bred down to a certain size and look to get that "exotic" and freaky look.

The categories for the "types" of American Bullies that can be registered with the ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) are Standard, Pocket, XL, Extreme and Classic. I believe that the Classic American Bully is the real American Bully.

XL, XXL and XXXL are American Bullies who have been bred to where they are larger in both height and weight. They stand taller and they weigh more than the average American Bully would. The XL, XXL and XXXL American Bullies aren't a specific "type" of American Bully, they are crossed with a larger breed like the Mastiff to get their size. 

American Bullies are more laid back breeds of dogs. However, once again, I've seen active American Bullies out there before (rare). I would whether have an American Bully that's active than one who can't walk from one section to the other in the pet store without being out of breath. I would prefer an American Bully who can actually move and one who can work would also be a big plus! 

The American Bully is a great breed of dog, if bred right and for the right purposes. These breeds need to be bred strictly for work. These dogs will make amazing dogs if done so.

I rarely see an American Bully that I love that's in great shape and bred very nicely. You just don't see that enough anymore with any breed of dog in today's society.

Neapolitan Mastiff (Neo)

The Neapolitan Mastiff is another one of the most ruined breeds of dogs in the dog world of today. Neapolitan Mastiffs are not suppose to be wrinkly as much as you see that they are, matter of fact, they're not suppose to be wrinkly at all. Red and droopy eyes, wrinkles, fungus/bacteria infections, skin infections. None of these problems were originally part of the Neapolitan Mastiff nor do they suppose to be.

Again, what happened? Genetics happened. 

There's a difference between the working and show Neapolitan Mastiff, they're the exact same breed of dog, the only difference is the way the breed is, the way it's been bred, the way it looks, and it's overall structure. 

The Neapolitan Mastiff was bred to be a guard dog, protection dog and defender. Today's Neapolitan Mastiff is bred for show quality and not for the love of the breed, not to better the breed, not for quality, not for temperament, and definitely not for work. 

There are VERY FEW working Neapolitan Mastiffs that are still in our world today.

The show version of the Neapolitan Mastiff has a variety of health issues including cherry eye, hip dysplasia, fungus and bacterial infections, joint paint, skin infections/problems, bloat, obesity and more.

The working version of the Neapolitan Mastiff is a non-wrinkly, tall, active, working breed of dog that either isn't prone to health problems or has little to no health problems known.

Here's a picture that shows the difference between the working and show Neapolitan Mastiff:

English Bull Terrier:

The English Bull Terrier is another ruined breed of dog. The English Bull Terrier used to have a straight head and muzzle that was well balanced. Their head and muzzle have changed drastically over the last 50+ years resulting in an egg shaped like head. Here's a picture of three different skulls from three different English Bull Terriers:

The top skull is from 1931. This is how the English Bull Terrier's skull SHOULD look.
The middle skull is from 1950. This is how the English Bull Terrier looked in that day and age.
The bottom skull is from 1976. This is how the English Bull Terrier's skull is today.

The English Bull Terrier has changed drastically over the last 50+ years. The English Bull Terrier of today has a variety of health problems, has an egg shaped like head and is shorter than it originally was. The original English Bull Terrier looks nothing like today's English Bull Terrier as the whole breed has changed, especially the look of the breed itself.

However, there are some amazing looking English Bull Terriers that do still exist to this day. They are rare to find, but they do exist.

Here's what an English Bull Terrier SHOULD look like:

Here's today's English Bull Terrier:

I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading this blog post and learning about the dog's of today and the past.

Photos used in this blog:

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