Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pit Bull "Proof" Toys

Many pit bull owners know that there's no such thing as a pit bull "proof" toy. However, there are durable and strong toys out there. No dog toy is completely indestructible, some toys are just stronger than others.

Good toys for an APBT are:

Kong (Kong Extreme, Blue Kong, XL Kong)
Nylabone (DuraChew, Galileo Bone, Rhino)
Jolly Ball
Clix Boomer Ball
Push N Play Hard Ball
Busy Buddy
Buster Cube
Dura Flex Rubber Ball Dog Toy
Orbee Tuff
Everlasting Treat Ball

Other good toys for APBTs are bowling balls, tires (wheelbarrow, lawn mower, car tires, etc), coconuts,  marrow bones, plastic milk or juice jugs (supervise your dog with jugs because some dogs may chew the plastic off and try to eat it), old pair of boots, old pair of blue jeans (take a pair of blue jeans, knot it, wet it and freeze. Makes a great tug toy!)

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