Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kennel Setups/Dog House Setups

There's many different types of kennels you can build for your American Pit Bull Terrier. The stronger the kennel, the better. Here are some pictures of kennels so you can get an idea to build a kennel for your American Pit Bull Terrier:

The pictures of the kennels I listed above are all nice setups. I prefer having a top over a kennel so the dog cannot climb the fence and I prefer having hog wire up against the fence and alongside the ground.

Kennel one is a nice setup, the dog has both indoors and outdoors. I like kennels that are indoors/outdoors but whether it's indoors/outdoors or not, as long as the dog has a proper kennel setup, that's all that really matters.

Kennel one is a wooden kennel. The thing about wooden kennels is that wood tends to get really hot which is why it would probably be best if you were to cover the wooden kennel ground with something along lines of hay straw or wheat straw (wheat straw would probably be best). You would have to replace this every other day.

I'd also recommend to use a better and stronger kennel for all of the kennels pictured instead of a cheap and store bought kennel from some place like Wal-Mart. The best place to buy some of the strongest kennels you can possibly buy is from L Bar M Ranch:

The second kennel that's listed is another nice kennel setup. The great thing about this specific kennel setup is that the dog can't escape from underneath the kennel and you won't have to worry about the kennel blowing/knocking over like regular store bought kennels seem to do from what I've seen.

I have made up my own design for a dog kennel which I will share here. I have a clear description of the kennel setup which I will share below.

1). Place hog wire up against the kennel and alongside the ground on both sides of the kennel. This will prevent your dog from escaping underneath the kennel

2). Build a fence (10 ft. tall). Fence in a large enough area so the dog has room to move around. Example would be: 10x10x10 or larger (whatever you prefer is fine). You have to also evaluate how much space you have on your property to build a kennel. You can use panels from L Bar M Ranch to build this kennel, check out L Bar M Ranch here:

4). Build a top for the kennel so the dog won't be able to jump or climb over the kennel. Cover the top of the kennel with hog wire fencing. Attach to fence. Tighten and secure to the fence. Top for kennels: Can you see how this kennel has a top?

5). Add flooring such as concrete, brick, wood, pebbles, etc. You don't have to add a flooring, however.

6). Wrap a chain around the gate and attach a pad lock to the gate.

If you're building a kennel, you need to build a good dog house too. One of the best dog houses that you can build for your dog is this dog house:

Barrel dog houses work great too. Barrel or wooden, either one will work great.

Things you want to think about when building a kennel:

* Build a strong and durable kennel
* Build a top for your kennel so the dog can't climb or jump over the kennel
* Place hog wire up against the fence and alongside the ground
* Building a flooring for your kennel isn't necessary but it is recommended
* The stronger the kennel, the better. The more secure, the better. Build a kennel that keeps your dog in and keeps others out.
* Do not build on a slanted hill

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